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Workplace Mobility

Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) is an industry standard that provides workplace mobility. A DECT phone allows you to roam in the office while you talk. . DECT product users can move from their desks without losing the ability to get calls.

Designed for use in small and medium-sized businesses to reduce cabling costs and allow rapid installation, or in front office and corporate environments to provide user mobility. 


Snom DECT solutions use a dedicated frequency band that is less congested than alternative wireless technologies. This allows for high quality audio with DECT's secure communication encryption.


Our base stations make the Snom DECT solutions ideal for use across several floors or throughout large buildings. Snom DECT handsets provide options for professional indoor and outdoor use, including hard hat or industrial areas.


Click on the pictures below to get details, specs and videos on each item!


M700 Multi-Radio Base Station

  • Scalable up to 253 base stations

  • Up to 1000 handsets per installation

  • Wideband audio

  • Over-the-air synchronization

  • Repeater support

  • Snom provisioning

  • No hidden costs for licenses

  • No DECT manager required

M325 Bundle.png

M325 Dect Bundle

  • M300 base station and M25 handset package 

  • Up to 20 handsets 

  • Up to 5 parallel calls 

  • 75 hours standby and 7 hours talk time


M85 Industrial Handset

  • Robust DECT handset with IP65 protection rating

  • Features a range of alarms designed to increase safety in the workplace: push-button alarm, no-movement  alarm, man-down alarm and pull-cord alarm

  • Shockproof, waterproof and dustproof

  • Perfect for outdoor use

  • Bluetooth · 3.5 mm jack


M65 Professional Handset

  • Wideband speakerphone

  • CAT-iq 1.0 compliant

  • DECT encryption

  • 250 hours standby

  • Local and shared address book

  • headset plug

  • SW upgrade over-the-air

  • Two-line display (2x16 characters)


M25 Office Handset

  • IP DECT handset

  • TFT color display

  • Up to 75 hours standby and 7 hours talktime

  • Configurable signal LED

  • Intuitive user interface

  • 3.5 mm headset jack


M5 Range Extending Repeater

  • Support single and multi-cell

  • Increase the range without Ethernet

  • Wideband audio

  • Up to 5 simultaneous calls

  • Daisy chaining

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